Host your website assets with just INR 3.88/1GB/Month
Upload your files by API or control panel.

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  1. What are the benefits of using it?

    The application is created to solve following problems:

    1. Premium web hosting space is costly:

      If your website is hosted on a premium hosting plan you know that the space cost is so high. To reduce the cost you can use this asset hosting service.

    2. Security:

      File upload is a risky thing. You can avoid it by using this service.

    3. Manage:

      Managing too many uploaded files by your client is a headache. Use our API and forget to handle uploaded files.

    4. Personal use:

      You have so many files to store in the cloud.

    5. Reduce cost:

      You can use S3 storage on your own - yes, but you have to pay much more than I charge. If S3 is down, my application keeps in premium VPS, so your application never misses an asset.

  2. What file types are allowed to upload?

    File having the following extension is allowed: pdf, doc, docx, odt, xls, xlsx, ods, ppt, pptx, txt, json, mp3, wav, m4a, aac, mp4, mkv, mov, wmv, avi, webm, 3gp, png, jpg, jpeg, gif, ico, webp, tiff, psd, bmp, svg, ai, ttf, eot, otf, woff, woff2.

    You are not allowed to upload illegal files. Please respect our Terms of Service.

  3. What is the maximum file size I can upload?

    A file can have a maximum 200 megabyte in size.

  4. Are all files accessible by the public?

    Yes. Have a read on our Privacy Policy.

  5. Can I keep a file private so an outsider will not have access to it?

    No, all files are publicly available. However, while uploading files are renamed with date-time. That means, if a user knows the URL or guesses the URL, they can download the asset.

  6. Can I keep my files in a folder?

    Yes, please mention the "bucket name" while uploading your files.

  7. How do you charge for the hosting service?

    Here is how the cost is calculated!

    1. Upload bandwidth:

      0.18 paisa per MegaByte. If your fund is above 20000 paisa (INR 200.00) - upload cost is free.

    2. Storage:

      Storage price is 388 paisa (INR 3.88) /1GB/MONTH.

  8. Do you charge for download bandwidth?

    No, there is no charge for using the asset.

  9. How do I pay?

    You can pay using PayPal, GPay, Paytm and bank transfer.

  10. Where do you store my files?

    Files are stored in DigitalOcean Object Storage (spaces).

  11. Do you have a backup of my uploaded assets?

    No, files are not being backed up.

  12. Can I have a list of files I have uploaded over time?

    Yes, you can get those files from API or control panel.

  13. How is the billing cycle?

    Basically its like "Pay As You Go". Your account will work until you have funds with us. The account will be inactive when you run out of funds. Your account will be deleted along with all of your files if the fund is INR 25.00 or more as credit.

  14. Can I have a trial?

    Once you register a free account you will receive a free credit of 5000 paisa (INR 50.00). Use the credit as long as you want. Once you run out of funds, you need to add funds to continue to use the service.

  15. How to register?

    Account can be opened by referral link. If you don't have it - just contact us with your name and email address and we will create an account for you.

  16. What do you mean by INR paisa?

    We calculate USD $1 = INR 83.659902 = 8366 paisa